Case Study 2: Multiple Choice -Anatomy-

Read each critical-thinking item carefully and then select the one best response.
Questions 1-5 are derived from the following scenario:

Kory, a 16-year-old boy, attempted to jump down a flight of stairs on his skateboard but landed facedown on his chest and stomach, where he stayed until found. He was not wearing a helmet, and he hit the pavement with his head. Two bones were protruding from his right ankle.

Q1: Which of the following bones are most likely fractured?

A: Ulna/Radius

B: Acromion/Humerus

C: Tibia/Fibula

D: Patella/Fibula

Q2: What part of his spinal column do you want to keep immobilized so as not to move any of its seven vertebrae?

A: Cervical

B: Thoracic

C: Sacrum

D: Coccyx

Q3: If Kory were to develop pain in his right upper quadrant, what organ may be causing the pain?

A: Liver

B: Stomach

C: Spleen

D: Appendix

Q4: If Kory were to go into shock from his injuries, what type of shock will he most likely experience?

A: Cardiogenic

B: Obstructive

C: Hypovolemic

D: Septic

Q5: Which of the following pulses is located near Kory’s leg injury?

A: Brachial

B: Dorsalis pedis

C: Ulnar

D: Superficial temporal



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